Below are links to recent Clinical Inquiries on the Section VIII listserv.

April 2016
Technology and Dating- Shelley Nathans

March 2016
How to Keep Calm and Query On- Noa Ashman

February 2016
Grandparenting Survey- Roanne Barnett and The Committee on Children and the Family

January 2016
When Couples are Considering IVF- Francine Godet

December 2015
History Taking in Couple Therapy- Marilyn Meyers

November 2015
Cancellation Policies and their Clinical Implications - Rachel Barbanel-Fried

October 2015
Anorectic Patients and Their Families - Maurine Kelly

September 2015
Can, Will, Should This Marriage Be Saved? - Roberta Caplan

April 2015
Sources of Renewal and Growth for Us - Mary-Joan Gerson

March 2015
Reactions to "Sleep" - Cindy Baum-Baicker

February 2015
How Do We Begin Work with a Couple - Lee Futrovsky

January 2015
Couple Therapy Terminable - Roberta Caplan

December 2014
Couple Therapy and a One-Person Psychology - Carl Bagnini

November 2014
Asking More of One Partner than the Other - Susan Abelson

October 2014
Do/Don't? Ask/Tell - Roberta Caplan

September 2014
The Resolvable and the Unresolvable - Cindy Baum-Baicker

April 2014
Couple Therapy Terminable and Interminable  - Susan Shimmerlik

March 2014
How Are We Doing?  - Roberta Caplan

February 2014
Back to Basics-Part I - Susan Abelson
Back to Basics - Part II  - Susan Abelson

December 2013
The Role of Conservative, Constrictive Religious Beliefs on Marriage, Intimacy, and Therapy - Phyllis Cohen

November 2013
Impact of Aging on Couple Dynamics - Marilyn Meyers

October 2013
Men and Post-Divorce Grief - Carl Bagnini

September 2013
Impact of Sibling Relationships on Couple Dynamics - Roberta Caplan

June 2013
Family Therapy with Adult Children - Emily Baum

April 2013
Extra Marital Affairs by Men in Powerful Positions - Marilyn Metzl

March 2013
The Impact of the Couple Therapist's Pregnancy - Noa Ashman

February 2013
Sharing of Sexual Fantasies in Couple Therapy -  Shelly Goldklank

January 2013
Affairs, Secrets and Communication Between Individual and Couple Therapists- Shelley Nathans

December 2012
About the Silver Lining Playbook- Marilyn Meyers

November 2012
Transition from Dyadic to Triadic Thinking in Couples Work- Carl Bagnini

October 2012
What Has Stayed With You- Cindy Baum-Baicker

September 2012
To Say or Not to Say- Roberta Caplan

June 2012
Long-Distance Relationships and Intimacy- Cheri Marmarosh

May 2012
How Does One Work with a Couple and an Individual Where You Are So Good and the Other Therapist Is So Bad- Phyllis Cohen (MA)

April 2012
When an Individual Therapist Underappreciates the Patient's Contribution to the Couple- Justin Newmark

February 2012
Clinical Issues Around Videotaping Sessions- Deborah Wolozin

January 2012
Use of Social Media in Couple and Family Therapy - Marilyn Metzl

October 2011
Learning from the Transfer: Becoming the Couple's New Therapist- Roberta Caplan

June 2011
Adult Children and their Aging Parents- Cindy Baum-Baicker

May 2011
Physical and Verbal Abuse in Couples- Marilyn Meyers

February 2011:
After the Breakup- Susan Shimmerlik

January 2011
What Has Happened to Kindness- Susan Abelson

October 2010
Save the Children? Collateral Damage in Couple Therapy- Roberta Caplan

September 2010:
Clinical Courage- Deborah Wolozin

January 2010:
Adults Who Are Products of an Unwanted, Premarital Pregnancy - Marilyn Metzl

December 2009:
Homework and Tasks in Couple Therapy- Al Brok

October 2009:
Individual Therapy When a Partner Won't Agree to Couple Therapy and Individual Psychoanalytic Interventions in Couple Therapy - Judith Logue, Ph.D.

September 2009:
Manifest Asymmetries in Couples- Justin Newmark

March 2009
Impact of Children on Marriage- Justin Newmark

January 2009
Cognitive Differences in Couples- Marilyn Meyers

March 2008:
Neutrality, Countertransference, And Assisted Reproductive Technology (Art)- Fred Sander

February 2008
Couples with Children Considering Divorce: What are our biases?- Toni Halton

September 2007
The Therapist's Own Traumas - Gerald Stechler