Members can participate actively in Section VIII by joining our committees.

Our Committees are led by the following members:

Lee Futrovsky, Ph.D.
Nominations and Elections: Deborah Wolozin, Ph.D., as Past-President
Program: Phyllis Cohen, Psy.D., as President
Div39 Representative: Antonia Halton, Ph.D.

*   *   *

For further information about Section VIII activities (including learning more about each committee) please contact Cindy Baum-Baicker,

Education and Training: Roberta Caplan, Ph.D.
Gerald Stechler Research Award: Francine Godet, Psy.D
International Affiliations: Ortal Kirson-Trilling, Psy.D.
Listserv and Website: Sonia Kahn, Psy.D.
Mentor Matching: Ortal Kirson-Trilling, Psy.D.
New Members:
Programming: Shelly Goldklank, Ph.D.
(run by various sub-committees: Newsletter, Social Media, Directory, Brochure)
Public Policy: Cindy Baum-Baicker, Ph.D.
Research: Francine Godet, Ph.D.
Scholar Award: Luis Eduardo Carneiro Nobrega, LLM, Psy.D.

Newsletter Commitee

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for publishing the bi-annual newsletter, including publication layout, organization, article sourcing, and editing. For more information, please visit the Newsletter page contact

Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee stimulates discussions on cutting-edge issues in couple and family therapy by distributing articles that are then discussed online via our listserv.

International Affiliations Committee

The International Affiliations Committee encourages volunteers and new proposals for initiatives, such as training possibilities, co-sponsored conferences and shared research initiatives. Please contact Mary-Joan Gerson (Chair) at with questions or suggestions.

Research Commitee

The Research Committee encourages and supports couples and family therapy research initiatives, including selecting the recipient of the annual Gerald Stechler Research Award.

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee tries to link our integrative way of thinking to issues of social and political concern. In this time of domestic and international turmoil, a psychoanalytic/systemic perspective on family dynamics can be crucial, for example on domestic policy issues such as abortion or violence, or in understanding irrational hatred and stereotyping. The Public Policy Committee is charged to promote the application of psychoanalytic and family systemic thinking to current couple/family issues which become salient politically or culturally,  and to serve as an advisory body to the membership and the public in that regard.